How to choose a portable speaker?

Choosing portable speakers will depend on your use case and several factors will matter including but not limited to sound, style and size. That's why we made it simple by highlighting key features of our speakers with friendly icons. 

Can you travel with portable bluetooth speakers?

Generally speaking portable bluetooth speakers do range in sizes and weights. However all of the speakers on Travel Speakers are handpicked with mobility in mind. They weigh no more than 2lbs and are less than 10 inches wide and long. You should be able to fit Travel Speakers comfortably in your  bag or in the palm of your hand. 

How loud are portable speakers?

On average most portable speakers are 3w which is equivalent to roughly 80 decibels. To give you a reference of how loud they can get it's about as loud as a food blender. At Travel Speakers, you'll find speakers that perform better than average. 

Where do you ship to and how long does it take for speakers to arrive?

Currently we only only ship to the US but are planning to offer free worldwide shipping soon. Depending on where your order is going it usually takes 7-21 days.